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You’re not just installing flooring when you choose ceramic &porcelain tile for your home. You’re making a statement. You are speaking to the fact that you enjoy elegance and luxury but that you also require a material that allows you plenty of design options. But we can’t forget functionality and durability either, which is available in all these amazing products. In fact, to get a better idea of what you can expect, just keep reading.

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Styles for residential and commercial

When it comes down to benefits, you simply cannot go wrong with ceramic & porcelain tile. In fact, the materials probably meet, and possibly exceed, all the requirements you have listed for your own flooring project. You can start with amazing designs and colors, an extensive number of format options, and a lifespan that falls just shy of all-natural stone and hardwood flooring. It’s so durable, it’s often the choice for many business owners and commercial settings, which means it can easily stand up to your own busy household.

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The differences between ceramic & porcelain

Ceramic & porcelain are both made of high-quality clay and other all-natural materials, making it simply stunning to look at. Even ceramic, which is usually coated with brightly colored glazes, still puts off a very natural air when placed and installed. You can find either material glazed or unglazed, with the unglazed option offering a bit more slip resistance. This can really come in handy in kitchens, but especially in bathrooms. Some homeowners speak of ceramic & porcelain tiles interchangeably, but there are just enough differences between them to make one a completely different product. For instance, porcelain uses only the highest quality materials, is fired in kilns that are intensely hot, and is impervious to water under most circumstances. Ceramics are very similar but aren’t as dense or hard, but still used in many of the same places. It’s incredibly important that these materials are installed only by a professional installation team. They have all the special tools and necessary experience to make your new tile floors look simply stunning.