Is luxury vinyl flooring okay for stairs?

Is luxury vinyl flooring okay for stairs?

If you’ve found luxury vinyl tile and plank to be an appealing floor choice, you might use it in as many spaces as possible. And if you have a staircase, this might be one of those spaces.

Luxury vinyl is a fine choice for staircases, and you’ll want to learn more about it as you consider the materials for your home. Here are some facts that could serve you well as you shop.

Why luxury vinyl for staircases?

One of the reasons homeowners choose this product line for stairs is that it’s easier to clean, even in busy spaces. LVP flooring cleans up with a broom and damp mop for almost any mess you can imagine.

But it's also incredibly durable, so you won't have to replace the surfaces as often as with other products. In addition, it resists stains, scratches, dents, and dings and offers complete waterproof protection for your complete peace of mind.

Décor matching made easy

With products that mimic natural stone, wood, and porcelain tile, you'll find no better material to match your existing décor than this one. Choose colors, textures, and patterns that cater to any décor scheme, from rustic to modern, and every LVT style between the two.

Ask about trending materials and how they can work to keep you stylish for many years. Trends are easy to add to any interior design and stay in style longer than you think.

We have the luxury vinyl you want and need

West Bay Floor Source is a great place to find any luxury vinyl plank floor covering for your remodel, even if it involves staircases. We’ll help you browse an extensive inventory of products that feel like they were made for you.

You’ll find outstanding luxury vinyl flooring at our showroom in Westlake, OH, and we invite you to visit us any time you’re in the area. We provide flooring to Avon, Bay Village, and Rocky River, and we look forward to working with you too.